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Ace of Spades Esports


About AceOfSpades Esports

AOS (AceOfSpades) is a European Esports Organisation which was established on April 15th 2020.

We are all passionate for competitive gaming but we really started taking it seriously when we founded AceOfSpades Esports.


Since Launch, we have welcomed a variety of members who play different but yet equally important roles to help us make it to the top! Some examples of these roles would be: Management, Pro, Academy, Editor, Designer, Coach, Staff and many more! We truly mean it when we say that AOS offers a contrast of unique roles; from being creative and outgoing in our editor and designing areas, to a more serious position, with people having a drive for business, teamwork and Esports in the Management Department at AOS. There really is something for everyone.


Our growing popularity stems from our level of commitment to each game and tournament we’re part of, and our dedication to success. Our victories, both in game and as a team wouldn’t be possible without our passionate members and fans, who are always there to support us.

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Owners & Founders


Taylor Yates



Josh Viney


Sven Schoonhoven


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