Our plans for 2021

In this news article, we will dive into deeper detail about our plans for 2021 and what you can expect from Ace Of Spades this year!

We just want to start by saying thank you all so much for an amazing 2020, it was a very interesting year for our development and we are extremely grateful for your support. Firstly, we would like to address some changes we made to the roster: At the start of the year, we decided to remove the Talent roster from Ace Of Spades. The Reasoning for this is because we wanted to make our roster more competitive and exclusive as we felt like our roster was too big and inconsistent. We have fixed this by only having Professional Players and the Academy Players. We would like to point out they we appreciate all the hard work and dedication the Talent players put in, and we will not forget you, you guys will always be apart of our legacy. 

Additionally, we have completely revamped our management team as we felt as if this was a weaker point in the team. Now we have very talented and experienced management from previous organisations such as 4Elements, DistrictRegion, Aztech and Xypher! With all the hard work the management are putting in, we will continue to grow as we strive to become "the most valued card in the deck".

Moreover, we have a few announcements being released in the following weeks/months, so be sure to stay active on our social medias to make sure you don't miss them. 2021 will be very big for Ace Of Spades and we cannot wait to share more plans with you as we continue throughout the year!