A New era for AceOfSpades

June 17th, 2022



As a new era for AceOfSpades begins and a new chapter unveils itself, we present to you our revamped and unique re-design of our brand. While embracing our traditional roots of the black and white theme, we have decided to add 'Royal Purple' to the AceOfSpades colour selection.


Royal Purple represents stature and pristineness, therefore we believe collating this idea into our branding was imperative to forecast and portray our brand vision to our audience and to sell the story of AOS to our loyal fans and followers.


Having this colour in our branding which also links with the "Ace" theme which is the most desired card in a deck perfectly aligns our brands uniqueness and helps us visualize our story and approach to esports through our branding and identity collectively.


We hope you like it as much we do....