Fortnite Season 5

Is it good?

Recently on social media, there has been a big debate as to whether Epic Games did a good job with the new season. Everyone was complaining about the Pump Shotgun being vaulted, however I think that the charge is a lot better for competitive integrity as you cannot get a "bail out 200 pump" anymore. Furthermore, the POIs are balanced and there isn't an OP spot to land which overall is better for the game. I also think the map changes were good and freshened up the Fortnite Map.

Moreover, the mobility in the game is pretty balanced with Rift Fishes, peppers, bouncers, shockwaves, Zero Point rocks and sand rotation. My only concern for mobility is Shockwaves as they give players a chance to run/escape when you have them weak or in your box. Additionally, Fortnite announced that Trios will feature in every FNCS in 2021 which is brilliant in making the game a better Esport as they are creating a "standardized game mode" in trios. Overall, I think the new season is very good and has a lot of potential to be good for competitive this season, they need to fix a few bugs and buff/nerf a few items (eg. the recent buff to Charge Shotgun of 3 bullets to 4) but a part from that, we could have a really interesting season for Fortnite Competitive! We cannot wait to see how our players perform in 2021, stay tuned!


szn 5 lol.jpg