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Pro Player

16 years | UK



I am 15 years of age and I am from the UK.
I am currently in yr11 and doing my GCSE's soon. I used to play football and I was really good at it but due to recent injuries I stopped around a year and a half ago. Now, it's all about Fortnite!

Player Profile

I have been playing games since I was just a little kid, playing Modern Warfare 2 and 3 and black ops 2. I would play all the time and wouldn't stop until I got tired. I have always been a competitive person but when Fortnite got released I was playing as much as I could.
Last moths I have done a lot better than I had ever imagined.  I can't wait for the upcoming Tournaments!

Stats & Skills

I am a great team player and I am always putting my team first. AOS has brought me many new friends.


•1100$ earnings
•6k PC Tracker PR
•990 Gamepedia PR
•31st Bugha Solo Cup
•10th Contender Cash Cup (200$)
•135 Champs Cash Cup
•#34 #34 #65 #87 #110 Top 5 Daily Trios •#111 in paradox platform cash cup solos
• # qualified to semis of DH

Bumble is a very dedicated and hard working player for AOS, he started off as an Academy Player and from Day 1 I knew he had what it took to exceed both our own and his own expectations.

He has so much potential as a player and we can't wait to see his grind pay off leading up to FNCS!

Josh Viney (CFO)

Being able to work with such a talented player as Bumble is very exciting. 

Bumble is a very good team player and a person other members know they can ask if they have questions. 

AOS Management