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I'm 18 years old and from England (ETHNICITY YEMEN AND SOMALIA) Interested in Streaming and Gaming since I was in begging of high school Passionate about competitive gaming and streaming. Studying Engineering Course at College (then hopefully gonna get a job and do streaming part time maybe while studying).

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I Been gaming since 26 October 2004 GTA San Andreas on PS2 and have played cod mainly since psi B01 and modern warfare and Xbox 360 since it came out . i have consistently bought all games in the call of duty Franchise until The PlayStation 4 has Came out then i started to become interested in PC gaming but i had a bad computer. I was very motivated to play and compete and stream so i went and got a job and tried my best since then to pursue streaming and content creation and also competitive gaming.

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• Key Skills
• Proficient IT skills
• Excellent communication
• Team player
• Attention to Detail
• Problem-Solving skills


In the past year that I have been streaming I have gained 1300 Followers on Twitch and also 1100 Followers on twitter. I strive my best to improve my streams and content daily and i have to hit 3k followers by the end of 2021 on Twitch .