Stats and Skills

I can do motion graphics for advertising, intros, outros, trailers and other many things


My biggest achievement yet is joining AOS. So happy to be a part of AOS. I worked for @Refsgaaard , @Kreofn , @Deyyfn , @Frenzyfishy , @minnyfn and many other people, I also worked with @Districtregion and i work with @XypherEsports


I'm an Italian guy who wants to be a Motion designer for big companies or work in the world of the art, i am pretty good at drawing too, i'm learning digital drawing and i want to be very good at that too.

Designers Profile

I make motion design from 5 months, i practice for 3-4 hours a day, depending on what day, sometimes i even practice for 7-8 hours or do client works, but some days when i'm very tired i work for 1-2 hours, just depends