AOS Joel

Academy Player



I'm 15 , English, I'm interested into Football, Animals and Computers. I go to a Secondary School (Year 11), and my goals are to be happy when I grow up to become a father and have a family, and to also travel the world and be a loving person.

Players Profile

I have been gaming since around I was 7/8 , playing on my PSP, Xbox 360 and playing Dorito's crash course and all of the old Call Of Duty's. I play the Fortnite roughly around 8-10 hours a day since we are in Lockdown. What I love about Fortnite is that it is a very unique game amongst many others and also the competitive side of it too. In addition, the community is also great and motivate everyone to become better

Stats and Skills

What makes me a good teammate is that i can listen extremely well to the calls they are giving out, My aim makes me a really good player as i think aim is much more important than mechanics even though my aim and mechanics are both really good. The benefits i obtain playing Fortnite and being in AOS is that i am very smart. In Fortnite, I know when to do the play and what the right play is to do to succeed. Also, AOS is a great organisation and will have an insane pop off in 2021 and i am very glad to be a part of it!


Trio FNCS Heats

Trio FNCS Week 1 Finals

DreamHack Duo Finals In November

56th In A Trio Cash Cup

23rd In A Trio Cash Cup

14th In A Trio Cash Cup

25th In Encore Cup

6th In Bragging Rights Cup

I have £3125 Earnings (£2525 On Pc & £600 On Console)

The Skills that make me unique is my aim , since I am controller, my aim is ridiculously good and I can listen very well.