AOS Moen




Hello! My name is Moen, I'm from Norway and I love making designs, mostly Fortnite designs. I don't always do designs, I have some spare time as well where I play Competitive Fortnite. I do post content on my YouTube and stream quiet often.

Players Profile

I've been doing designs since late summer 2020, and I've always had a goal that I wanted to come further within the designing community and achieve to be a good designer. I started playing Fortnite Season 2 (chapter 1) and it's been very experiencing to play. I've made a lot of friends that have made my years better while gaming.

Stats and Skills

What's makes me a good team player, is that I'm a chill and friendly guy. I get my job done, and work hard every single day.


My biggest achievement yet, is that I'm a part of AOS. My goal in the future is to get better at designing.