Academy Player

16 years



I'm 16 years old from the UK and currently still in school. My main interest is gaming but I used to play sports but stopped due to injuries so I am trying to make gaming my main career.

Players Profile

I have basically been playing games all my life going from the Nintendo DS to PC gaming. I have played a variety of games throughout my years of playing games but mainly I loved playing Minecraft as a kid due to the ability to be so creative. A few years ago, I was introduced to Fortnite and I tried to play it as much as possible since then.

Stats and Skills

What makes me a good team player is my ability to either listen and frag for my igl or take the role of igl and make the best decisions and rotates for team. One of my main characteristics is my ability to get on with any teammate and my drive to grind whatever I'm going for if that's content grinding or competitive and getting ready for the next tournament. This helps towards AOS as I am willing to do whatever it takes to get myself at the top and bring AOS with me in competitive and content.


I have 800$ earnings. Some of my best placements are 24th, 46th , 59th and 69th in Daily Trio cups along with qualifying for 4 semi finals in season 4 and also the season before qualifying for FNCS solos semi finals. I am unique to many players as my mechanical skill and smart plays allow me to beat my opponents in tough situations allowing to place as well as I have.