AOS Mythycz




Hi My Name Is Mythycz, I'm from the UK and I'm a Highlight editor For AOS.I am 14 and enjoy Playing competitive Fortnite And Video Editing.

Editors Profile

I have been playing fortnite since around chapter 1 season 2 , me and my brother used to play all day on ps4 and in April 2020 i decided to get a gaming pc and started playing more seriously with my irl friend , i met a friend with him that was a very good player and a editor , one day i asked him to edit my video and he said "do it yourself" So I did. Ever since then i just became better and better at editing and realized i can succeed a lot more in editing and i have great passion for it. Now About 6 Months down the line i am a editor for a team i was looking at for 2 months , and i am now a part of it , exited for my future with them!.

Stats and Skills

What makes me a good teammate is my passion and effort to get work done , i get work done in 1-2 days for the members and i interact with members requests pretty quickly


My biggest achievement yet has been joining AOS , this was a big step for me as i started to work with some very good players and meet some great people