AOS Nebs

Academy Player

15 years



I'm 16 years old and live in the UK, I like playing games at a competitive level and will start streaming more, I also want to reach a pro level in esports.

Players Profile

I have been gaming since I was around 5, when I would play Mario cart and then moved onto Call of Duty and then started to play Fortnite. I play the game 6 hours a day.

Stats and Skills 

I have great communication skills, and I also always want to improve. I have really good mechanics and good aim short and long distances. I play the fragger role in team game modes and contribute a lot.


$1550 in earnings
7th in Paradox Platform Solo Cash Cup
36th in Paradox Platform Solo Cash Cup
44th in a Champion Trio Cash Cup
8th in Heat 1 Dreamhack
14th Mongraal Cup
39th Duo Cash Cup Round 2
169th in a Solo Cash Cup ($200)