AOS Nejin



Stats and Skills

What makes me a good designer is that I'm always trying to do my work best as i can, and I'm communicating with my clients a lot to make my work best as i can. I don't have that many experiences with programs like Photoshop or blender but I'm hard worker so i thing my potential is so big. Another thing that makes me a good designer is that I'm a such a chill person and i can create great vibe.


I don't have many achievements but my biggest is joining Ace of spades. This joining was really big for me because i wanted to join a good team out side the Czech Republic and this proved me that i can make name for my self in other countries. Second achievement is that i can make money by doing the thing i like to do.


Hello! I am a 14 year from the Czech Republic. In my spare time I'm in call with my friends, playing basketball or designing something for me or my clients. My main goal is to get better every day in everything i do and make thumbnails and designs for big players. I would really like to grow my socials like Instagram and twitter.

Designers Profile

I started designing since May 2020 but in September 2020 when i made my first money of it I really started designing much and started trying to improve. I design around 3 hours everyday but its right now its more than that. When I design I mainly do work for my clients or teams. Sometimes in my free time im trying to learn new things.