AOS Radium

Content Creator

 15 Years | English



My name is Josh and I am from England, I'm 15 years old and started gaming when I was 10.
I used to play call of duty but moved on to Fortnite when Epic Games launched it. I also am really passionate about streaming and content creation.

Player Profile

I play Fortnite as often as I can.

My future esports goals is to stay with AOS as it grows while I grow along side it.

Stats & Skills

I try to stay friendly and positive while playing, and encourage my teammates to do their best.


I already have some earnings from wagers, but I'm definitely motivated to get some better placements and earnings.
My goal is to hit 1k on my socials.

Radium is not only hard-working but also an incredibly dedicated and talented individual, from his daily streams to his YouTube content Radium is constantly looking for ways to improve himself and his brand. When i was first introduced to Radium his personality was amazing and makes his content a pleasure to watch.

Owner AOS Citties

It is easy to like Radium. With his friendly voice and positive appearance he is one of the most likable members in AOS. 

He is consistent in his work, and will always do what is asked of him!

AOS Management

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