AOS Raza

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My name is Ali Raza but I go by the name Raza. I'm 19 years of age from the United Kingdom. I'm a Content Creator on YouTube and make IRL funny content. I also stream on Twitch sometimes. My end goal is to make YouTube a full time job and make a career out of it.

Members Profile

I have been on YouTube for 10+ years. KSI and Ali-A inspired me to create videos, the way they made videos was always exciting to me. Looking at them now and seeing what they have accomplished really motivates me. Over the last few years I haven't been able to pursue content due to personal reasons and exams. Now being out of school and having some more time I am fully pursuing Content Creation and treating it like a full-time job. YouTube has always been my dream job and I will make that happen with the support from all my friends and family.

Stats and Skills

I am confident. Over the years of YouTube I have learnt to be more confident which makes me try out new things and never doubt or question anything I need or want to do. I have great communication skills, very well organised, always motivated and very passionate. I also believe I am a good content editor as I come with 7 years of editing experience.


I am a YouTube partner which was a big achievement for me because that's the first step of making YouTube a full time job. I have also passed 5,000 subscribers which is huge for my channel and I want to reach 10,000 subscribers by the end of the year (2021).