AOS Sizry

Academy Player



I am 17 and I'm from the UK, I have a passion for video games and Motorsports, my goal overall is to become successful whether that's on Fortnite, twitch/YouTube or in rallycross.

Players Profile

I started playing video games around 4 years old when my dad introduced me to them, I have played multiple games including cod, racing games, indie games, etc... I usually play Fortnite 6-9 hours a day and the main aspect of the game that I enjoy the most is competing.

Stats and Skills

I see myself as a good fragger/fighter and me knowing how to play endgames properly can benefit certain people looking for a fragger. In low or high elo lobbies I'm very confident, so I don't need to worry about nerves. Being in AOS along with competing gives me some motivation to improve and do well.


I have made $5,275 off the game
5.4k+ pr on gamepedia
30k+ pr on fn tracker
6th FNCS Week 3 Finals (console)
13th FNCS Heat 1 (console)
24th, 19th, 23rd PC Daily Duos
6th PC Duos Test Event