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I am a 15 year old from Ireland, As someone who grew up in the countryside and now living in a city i have great farming knowledge and am very interested in agricultural studies. I enjoy staying active by playing sports such as Hurling and Soccer.

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I have been gaming ever since i was 5 and could hold a controller properly, Starting out as a cod player i have been playing cod for 10 years but recently switched to the battle royale genre with my main game being Fortnite as of current. I play every day working as a content creator to be the best person i can be in the gaming scene while also working on my skill level.

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I am a humble creator willing to help anyone in the team with growth on socials and as a person, i feel like my determination and willingness to see AOS succeed is what makes me want to push myself to my limit to help others and benefit the family as a whole


20K + subscribers on YouTube
30K + members in my discord server
Noticed and recognized by many top pros and creators in the community Gained a following of over 60K + on all platforms