AOS Uprise

Academy Player



I am 18 years old and from England. My interests are Football and Gaming. My goal is becoming a professional player in the future.

Players Profile

I have been gaming for around 11 years now. One of the games I use to play back then was FIFA. I played it almost every single day and I was very good at it. Now that Fortnite has come around, I grind that game around 7-10 hours a day to try and get myself to be one of the best Fortnite players in the EU Region. What makes Fortnite interesting for me is that the game is very fast paced and you have to learn how to build to avoid being eliminated by other players.

Stats and Skills

What makes me a good teammate and player is that I always support my teammates and tell them how to improve to be the best they can be. People know me for my very fast mechanics and my solo tournament standings. I am a fragger out of my teammates so I am expected to get alot of eliminations when I see an opportunity to. I also IGL my teammates to make sure that we are looking healthy for every fight possible and rotates to be clean. Characteristics that benefit me is that I am non-toxic, I do not put anyone down who does a mistake because I know they can learn from it. This makes me a good player in general


I Have $4,050 Earnings from ingame tournaments and it is going up very fast. What makes me unique is my very fast mechanics ingame and my game sense.