AOS Vevi

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I'm 18 Years Old and from Ireland, I'm currently attending my last year of high-school. My short-term goals would become a Top Tier Pro in Fortnite and grow my socials

Players Profile

I've been gaming ever since I was 6 years old and my passion for gaming has only increased, I love Fortnite because of its unique abilities to make or break someone and a completely different atmosphere from any other game.

Stats and Skills

My mindset and mentality is as strong as it can be and being in AOS can only grow that, being in a group of like-minded people can grow you as a person and a player to extraordinary lengths.


I've qualified to NA-East solo Dreamhack and to Solo FNCS Heat's, I feel like I had a rough patch the past month or so but playing the best I've ever have. I feel my unique abilities in game would be my fighting game sense and being able to close out fights quickly.