AOS Worm

Content Creator



Age: 18

Nationality: Scottish

Interest: Gaming, Tech, Growing Socials, Ocean/beach

School: Finished my final year of school passing everything now just taking a year off.

Goals: Become big enough socially to live off of it financially and not have to work a 9 to 5 job.

Members Profile:
I started playing Fortnite in late chapter 1 season 3 and grinded pubs at the time. My end goals for this year would be 15k twitter, 1.5k youtube, 2k twitter, and 1k each on insta and tiktok.

Stats and Skills

I am always willing to help out in areas I'm not signed to like management, in my old team I handled a lot of money for them and got them a gamepedia page etc....

I have over 9500 followers on twitch and managed to get over 120 concurrent subs at my peak, I have 1700 on twitter and I started posting to youtube early January of 2020 and am now about to hit 1200 subs on youtube and my tiktok and insta are new and both have around 300 each