Academy Player

16 Years | English


About Me


My name is Zac, I'm 16 from the UK and an aspiring Fortnite player. I am looking forward to compete under AOS for future tournaments and know that with time, we can both benefit

Players Profile

I have been playing Fortnite since the start on my ps4 when I eventually switched to pc a year and a half ago in the hopes of becoming a pro. I have followed Fortnite competitive closely since the start and am now hoping that I can make a name for myself within this community

Stats & Skills

When i play Fortnite I see myself as a good fighter alongside with a good knowledge of how to play endgames. I like to be aggressive when it comes to tournaments as playing with confidence helps a lot


  • 600$ Earnings

  • 70th Trio FNCS Opens

  • 22nd Dreamhack Opens

  • 44th Trio Cash Cup

  • 54th Trio Cash Cup

  • 73rd Lobeti Cup