FNCS Season 6 Recap!

Fortnite Season 6 was great season for us here at AOS, looking on in from a competitive view.

We had many outstanding performances in both Cash cups,

and the seasonal FNCS. Here are some of the highlights from season 6.


AOS Nebs and AOS Nexxs made it all the way to the FNCS Grand Finals.

Nebs qualified for the FNCS Grand finals by placing 2nd in the week 1 finals with his trio

Waiz and Bubak. Nebs placed 11th and made 5000 dollars. Nexxs placed 26th and made 2000 dollars.

We also had AOS Escanor and AOS Chashy place 30th in Heat 2, but unfortunate didn't reach

the Grand Finals.

AOS Darkorino, AOS Bumble and AOS Joel was really consistent in the Weekly Cash cups,

and they even secured 200 dollars by placing 49th in week 2. The full AOS trio was also really close from

qualifying for Heats. Nebs also placed 3rd in the Cash cup Extra, and went home with 1500 dollars.

If you want to check out our YouTube video regarding the season 6 Recap, 

make sure to click the link below!