Education in Esports

November , 2020

Due to the rise of popularity in the Esports Industry, Some Colleges and Universities are starting to introduce the scene to Education!

At Queen Marys College, Basingstoke UK, they offer a BTEC Esports Course where you learn more about the fascinating industry. Despite popular belief and stereotypes, Esports is not just about playing Games, there is a lot of things you learn like Brand Building, Creating a Portfolio, Comparing Esports vs Real Sport (along with a lot of other debates) and many more crucial skills about the Business Side of Esports.

One of the Owners and CFO of AOS, Josh Viney is on this BTEC Course and was lucky enough to get an interview with one of the Esports Teachers talking about the Importance of Education in Esports as well as explaining a bit more about the Ace Of Spades Brand!


esports classroom.jpg