Josh Viney


My name is Josh Viney and I am the Founder, Owner and Chief Development Officer at Ace Of Spades Esports. I am 18 Years Old and I am currently studying IT, Business Studies and Esports at College which I can use to further develop my knowledge of Esports and bring AOS to the top. My main hobbies are football and gaming. I Played football for 9 years of my life and still enjoy watching today, but now it is my chance to focus on AOS and gaming.

I have always played games, from the Wii to the Xbox 360 at my friends house, I learned from a young age. Once I started to get better and time went on, I got an Xbox One and then a PC. You can see my wide depth of experience in gaming which really benefits the team as I can relate to the players from not only a business perspective but a gaming one too! Moreover, I've always had a drive for competing and winning, I think I got it from football, which I then transferred to the Virtual World...

I used to compete in trickshot tournaments on Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, play Money Wagers on FIFA and now I compete in Fortnite on the side of AOS. I have earned around 400$ from Fortnite Competitions and its really fulfilling to see my personal growth as well as the Development of our business, Ace Of Spades Esports

I think I'm a great asset to AOS as I'm hard working, determined and very passionate for Esports and Business. My Goals for AOS is to be able to grow and build a team full of talented individuals and make AOS the future of Esports in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world!