Our Trio FNCS Experience

November 4th, 2020

Another Season, Another FNCS! Sadly the Fortnite Championship Series has concluded but our Roster managed to get some outstanding results from the competition. Well done to all of our Players who participated in this Seasons FNCS, you did Ace Of Spades Proud!

Top 5 Placements across our Roster from this Seasons Trio FNCS:

1) AOS Bubak: #15 FNCS Heat 2 (PC)

2) AOS Bubak: #27 FNCS Week 2 Finals (PC)

3) AOS Elle: #28 FNCS Heat 1 (Console)

4) AOS Sabajo: #91 FNCS Week 1 Semi- Finals (PC)

5) AOS Nebi: #43 FNCS Week 3 Opens (PC)

Special Congratulations to AOS Bubak who also qualified for the Wildcard Match where he managed to get 6th in that game!

We cannot wait for the next BIG competitive tournament here at AOS!

What Game mode do you think it will be?


aos annoncument by defoltgraphic bubak a