Sven "Logix" Schoonhoven


My name is Sven Schoonhoven and I am 18 years old. I am the COO in Ace Of Spades.

I was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but am now living in Norway.

As I was raised bilingual I've always found other cultures and international communities interesting.


I started gaming when I was 10 years old. Besides football it was the activity that took most of my time, other than school.


I have always been a competitive person, and at school I have the biggest interest in mathematics, chemistry and physics.


I look at things in a logical way, and that's why I in the Fortnite scene call myself "Logix".


"Logical reasoning skills are the ability to focus on the presented task by following the chain of the thought process by relating one statement after another, until finding the most logical conclusion".


I play all kinds of games like CSGO, Rust, DOTA 2. I enjoy the competitive a lot!

I'm doing my 3rd year in high school, in a small town close to Oslo.  

As a person "I wear my heart on the outside" and care a lot about others. When I study or work with projects for AOS I always want to achieve the best results, and looking at our team now, I know we will make a change in the business of Esports in the future!

Sven svart hvit.png