Taylor "Citties" Yates


My name is Taylor 'Citties' Yates and I am the Chief Executives Officer here at AOS Esports.

I am 20 years old and I live in a small town in the UK.

Growing up my main hobbies were football, fencing and gaming. I played football for 6 years in my early years and managed to make the Chelsea Academy, I also fenced for 3 years and in that time I was offered to attend the next Olympics in Rio.


Growing up I was very focused and wanted to succeed and strived to be the best in everything I participated in. At the age of 7 I began to play games such as FIFA and Spiderman on the WII, and soon moved onto an Xbox 360 at the age of 11 where I created my first 'clan' named 'Paii'. I was fascinated by what the other teams had accomplished, an example would be FaZe Clan and I aspired to be just like them, we too also focused around trickshotting in the Call Of Duty's but other commitments hindered the progress of Paii. On the other hand we realised at the age we were it was extremely difficult and frankly we didn't have the experience or knowledge to keep it going.

Although we decided to end Paii I still had a passion in gaming and wanted to make something out of the thrive and determination I had.


Fast forward to January 2020, I was given a chance to create Ace Of Spades, with the ideas we made and collective passion from all owners we had/have plans to make AOS the future of Esports.


To this day I still feel the same passion and motivation I did when I was 12.

My goals for AOS is to build a team full of dedicated and hard-working individuals that thrive together as one and bring AOS to the top of the Esports scene.



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